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    Carla's last salute
  1. Dana had a flock of chickens (RI Reds, to be precise) on his property.
  2. When folks annoyed Dan he told them to "Go bite a rock."
  3. Stu had two beagles.
  4. When Sean McDonough filled in for Dana on ATM, he was teased about mentioning this car dealership constantly.
  5. Kim spent one of her summer vacations sailing with the all-male crew of a Norwegian vessel.
  6. The movie was The Ox-Bow Incident. The crucial lynching scene was left out.
  7. The town of Reading.
  8. Dan claimed he was Willie Whistle as a joke. (Willie was actually played by a gentleman named Dick Beech.) For years letters came into the station asking if this was really true.
  9. Carla stood behind Stu attempting to salute.
  10. Dan was always said to be in "high level meetings." They always joked that he was off playing golf.
  11. Preview, a show featuring upcoming motion pictures. It did badly in the ratings and was quickly cancelled.
  12. Dana appeared at the end of an episode of Robert Urich's series Spencer: for Hire as the host of a fictitious Massachusetts lottery drawing. (He had once hosted an actual lottery show in Connecticut.)


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